You like me…you really like me! (?!?)

I got an award! Shout HOORAY!

Megan at Velveteen Mind thinks I have shmooze potential and she gifted me with not only the handy-dandy little button you’ll find at the bottom of this post (which I haven’t any earthly idea how to get into my sidebar, but that’s a task for another day) but also with some of the kindest words ever.  Go read them…and read her blog because she flippin’ rocks.

I’m supposed to pass this on, right?  Hmm…

But in the meantime, many thanks to Megan for the shoutout.  It’s appreciated more than I can say!


One Response to “You like me…you really like me! (?!?)”

  1. You are more than welcome! I always love your comments and am vowing to stop using my Google Reader (other than for the Share feature) so that I’ll be more likely to leave comments of my own.

    And yes, I really like you, Miss Sally. Ooh, and I’m glad you think I flippin’ rock. That’s so much better than just rocking in general.

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