I’m bored.

I should be asleep.  I am going to breakfast in the a.m. with the cousins and Gdad.  Should be good times and will definitely involve syrup of some kind, so that’s always good.

Planning on wandering around Walmart for an hour or so afterwards, considering purchases I ought not make because, well, I’m still living on the poverty line even if my new huge bedroom belies that fact.

I just used the word “belies” in everyday blogginess without even trying to be awesome.  Sweet.

But I am bored.

I should be working on the dissertation. You know, the sword of Damacles that hangs over my head every waking moment?  But, in the packing and the not-unpacking before I left for home, I mislaid my two books I need to really crack into the two sections of the chapter not yet drafted.

The only other thing to do is to read articles. I could do that, but I have a devil of a time reading on the computer screen and I feel moderately to severely guilty if I print a lot at my mom’s house, even though to know that I was doing something productive with my dissertation would probably be worth the price of printer ink for her. 

She worries.

She should join the club.

Instead, I am watching an obscene amount of TV–especially WE, which I don’t get in Gville, which I believe has truly turned into the wedding network. Platinum Weddings (known as “obscene programming” in my house–who spends that kind of money on ONE DAY?), Rich Bride, Poor Bride (ever notice these jokers are never, say, spending a couple thousand on their wedding but instead tens of thousands–and they ALWAYS go over budget?), Bridezillas (which, I’ll admit it, I find hilariously engaging). 

Makes a girl want to elope, should she ever find a boy willing to take her on.

Finished grading and was relatively pleased with the results.  I think it all came out the way it should have, which actually gives me confidence about my grading and my teaching.  I’m always impressed when I don’t have surprises–or if I do, they’re happy surprises. Had a few of those this semester.  It’s always nice to feel generous.

Found a recipe in Mom’s joy of cooking cookbook–which I TOTALLY covet, btw–for those chocolate lava cakes that they sell at Chili’s. You know, the ginormous ones that have chocolate filling that explodes when you bite into it? 

I think I might try them out on the missionaries.  I’m feeding them on Friday. What’s the worst that will happen? It won’t turn out well and I won’t serve them dessert.

Big whoop.

Best case is it will be YUMMY and I’ll be famous and amazing.  Loving that idea.

Of course, it will depend on how much it will cost me.  Can’t spend a week’s worth of food money on one random experiment.

But it might be worth it. Who knows.

I need to find something other than the Internet to occupy my time.  I have a feeling that this week of boredom is going to result in me really kickstarting my disciplined focus on my work when I get back.

Or, I’ll just rot my brain with TV.

Either way seems like a viable plan. 

Off to scrape the bottom of the TiVo barrel for entertainment until I get sleepy enough. I’ve got a lame Lifetime movie on there with Corbin Bernsen.

Oh, how low I’ve sunk.  🙂

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