strategically dipped below one eye

I could say that I’m sorry that my posts have been sporadic and skimpy of late, but I’m not. 

I have had the funnest couple of days.

(And yes, before you stop me, I know that funnest isn’t a word.  But it should be.  I decree it and thus it shall be so.)

I spent Thursday with my cousins, J and M, who are hilarious.  I am by far the oldest of the three of us–I used to babysit them, for heavens sake–so I remember big milestones like when that gross shriveled piece of umbilical cord fell off of both of them and how excited we all were when J moved out of her “white food” phase and M abandoned the Lion King obsession.  I was their nanny for many a summer, with somewhat mixed results. 

But one of the seriously amazing upshots of the whole deal?

We are friends. Genuinely, I think they are two of the coolest girls ever. And I like hanging out with them.

On Thursday, designated “we are hanging out no matter what happens and even though J has to work and I forgot my bathing suit so we can’t go to the pool” day, we headed to Target, to stock J up on some college stuff (she moves in Monday–hooray!), and to the mall where we went into every store that M wanted to go into because, well, she was sort of our shopping navigator. She was on a mission–shoes and hats, since they’re her thing–and that mission took us to stores like Charlotte Russe, Gadzooks, and other shops that, truly, are out of my target market. I’ve never realized how much I’ve aged until I would prefer to walk into Ann Taylor or The Gap and search the clearance racks than set foot into Wet Seal.


But it was so much fun!  In Charlotte Russe, where truly they play the BEST music to shop by, J and I had too much fun modeling the ridiculous hats.  Of course, the orange and blue plaid one that I wanted looked preposterous on my big fat head.  Of course, J found a gorgeous brown cordoroy one that looked ridiculously adorable and which I forced her to purchase. 

We laughed and giggled and busted a move (wow…age yourself some more, Carrie!) right there in the aisles.  It’s so fun to have a family like that.

I am so much luckier because I’m like that with my mom too.  It’s not as much giggly fun, but gosh do we have a good time.   Here’s the bullet pointed version of today (because I’m getting tired and I fear this is not very interesting to anyone but me…):

  • Saw “The Invasion.” It’s good! Gross at times, but good.
  • Helped out Gdad with some stuff, which found me crawling both underneath a desk and into the shower.
  • Went to Joann’s, where I found a ridiculously amazing sale on scrapbook paper, which coincides with my need to create a new letter packet for my best friend for Year 2 of the mission (I use the pages to make my own envelopes). 
  • Went to Costco, where Mom bought me food.  HOORAY!  3 lbs. of Cheezits, a honkin’ big bag of Craisins, and 60 granola bars? BLISS, I tell you, pure bliss.
  • Went to Linens ‘n Things, where Mom bought me a comforter. I had been planning to make my own duvet cover, and we went to Joann’s to get some coordinating fabric, where Mom convinced me that it might be better (and more time-wise) to buy a solid colored comforter and supplement with the funky fabric I already bought.  So, curtains here I come.  🙂  Oh, and she bought me a throw pillow too.
  • Suffered from a moderate amount of “I am a MOOCH” guilt for having Mom buy me all kinds of things.  She sort of thinks that’s funny, I think, and I realized that I probably could have weaseled a lot more out of her so I felt less like a complete slug.
  • Went to dinner.  Why do I keep ordering the Cajun Chicken sandwich at Chili’s when, every single time, I regret it? Sigh.
  • Went grocery shopping for tomorrow’s family festivities.  Mom’s making the world famous (and hip enlarging) twice baked potatoes. Oh how I love them so.  Got some HalfBaked Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt.  WHY IS THAT SO GOOD?!?

It was a good day–a good couple of days. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Now if I could just find a hat that would fit me…and stop eating like a trucker!

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