I’m glad this weekend is over. I’m glad that the week is beginning.

Weird, right?

But, see, this week brings the settling down into a routine, the getting to work, the realizing that life is not a sprint but a marathon.

I have been sprinting too much lately, and I have the emotional shin splints to prove it.

I’m so tired. And I need a hug–not the regular everyday hug, but the bear hugs from the people who know all your faulty facets and still want to be around you anyway, the hugs that make everything better because it’s clear that that person LOVES you more than you know.

Complaint over.

Bring on Monday.  And a nap.


2 Responses to “Bizarroworld”

  1. I wish I felt that way.

    But I agree a hug would help me also.

  2. Some weekends, I live for Mondays. A latte by myself with no other demands than a few meetings and a lot of emails.

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