oh the wonders of wireless…pfft.

So, does anybody have any idea why this wireless router thing is such a big fat pain in my big fat…toe?  My gosh. It freaks out and freezes up daily. I gotta go and power it down, talk lovingly to it, convince it that it does, in fact, have the will to live, and then fire the sucka back up again.

Who needs THAT?

My gosh.

My only thought is this–could it possibly be a conflict between my webstar cable modem, which was made for a mac, and my Linksys wireless router, which only works with Windows? That’s the only thing that I can think of.  It doesn’t make any sense.

Not everyone could be going through this. It’s just not possible.

Any ideas? Please? I’m begging you before I call up Cox Cable and start begging THEM to answer my pleas.


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