I am Regis Philbin to Megan’s David Letterman

I’m guest hosting!



Come check me out….and read around the blog. It’s amazing…definitely one of my “must reads”.


Uh, and yeah, it doesn’t suck that I’m now on it.

3 Responses to “I am Regis Philbin to Megan’s David Letterman”

  1. Hey Carrie,

    I’m here from Megan’s blog, and I gotta tell you, your post was fabulous! As I was skimming bloglines, the title caught my eye, and I had to read more.

    I’m not a mommyblogger, but I AM a mom who blogs, and right now I’m torn between my own insecurities about commenting to a “PhD Candidate Non-Mommy Blogger” and wanting to gush over your post (you’re supposed t smile here).

    Your progression of thought was fun to follow, and while you said it much better than I could ever express, I, too, enjoy words and when you began channeling Dr. Seuss? Total blog crush…that kind of laugh gets you bloglined right away.

    Looking forward to reading more of “is there a doctor…”, I’m hoping to learn a thing or two ;).

  2. Hooray, Robin! Thank you for visiting…and thanks so much for the compliment. Don’t feel intimidated…please. I’m an idiot most days, which you’ll see if you hang around here at all. 🙂

    Dr. Seuss is the MAN! Kindred spirits, I think…

    And I should be more careful about the whole “mommyblogger” thing. I don’t know the terminology being depressingly single and without progeny. 🙂

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m happy to have you here. Make yourself comfortable, kick off your shoes, and feel free to steal the remote. My house is your house.

  3. So, I’m back…I’ve read the posts since this one (like this was an actual post??? 😉 ), so I think I’ll park it and comment here.

    1) Gosh, I wish I had dating advice. I married my college sweetie, so I don’t know what dating is much like after that (then again, you’re still in school). I “read” your personality and if I was a guy, I’d be clamoring for a bright, intelligent, self-effacing, FUNNY chick like you (I’ve started coaching my kids on when they think they’ve found their mate–I’ve told ’em if they don’t make you laugh, walk away. After being married almost 20 years, I realize how important that is!).

    Because I have no advice, I wasn’t about to comment up there. I guess it takes guys a few years to reach maturity, so that’s why you’ve got that whole big sis thing going on. I’m all about the “fix up” though, lol…family and friends know you best, and let them “pimp” for ya.

    Or watch Oprah 😉

    (btw, I don’t either).

    2) Get this–I think I’m a lyricist, too, EXCEPT I’VE YET TO WRITE ANYTHING!!! What’s with that? I write partial songs, never anything as complete as you have here. And for the record? I think you could do something with it…if you wanted to (do you have tunes in mind to accompany the lyrics? just curious) (did you already answer that and I read too fast to see it? that would be SO me if that’s the case).

    Okay…off to hop a bit more, then it’s off to the Friday races!

    Thanks for the warm welcome :).

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