updated: i write the songs that make the whole world…groan?

Yeah, so I wrote some lyrics today.

A pal of mine asked me to, to which I was like “uh, no.”

And then, I woke up this morning and desperately wanted to procrastinate the day of my dissertation work had some stuff on my mind that needed expression and so I started working on it. It was sort of a challenge–could I do it? Maybe an offshoot of what I wrote about yesterday on Velveteen Mind.

This is what i have. Yeah, i’m pretty sure it’s not cohesive. Yeah, i’m pretty sure I’m not Bernie Taupin (and if you don’t know who that is…wow.)

And, in the spirit of abandoning fear, I’m posting it here. Don’t steal it. Consider it copyrighted, sucka:

if i wished to see the world through your eyes,
would it be a better place?
full of butterflies and our sunset talks,
crazy love and amazing grace?

could i capture your smile in a bottle,
and wrap my fearful heart in yours?
would i finally understand what you see in me,
and why we are met by only slamming doors?

life’s full of wishing times,
when words seem empty and the stars too bright,
when all i want is your hand in mine,
but all i get is this prayer tonight.

wish i may and wish i might…
but you’re too far away on this perfect night
so my love for you is wrapped up tight
in the wish i make on a distant light

when i wished to see through your eyes,
i didn’t know you’d begin to see through mine–
a world colored by an imperfect heart and
the flickering spark of divine.

can you see my swingsets and silly laughter,
perfect moments and rain-soaked dances?
the way i love you when there’s no reason left
and how you keep me taking chances?

Say of it what you will. I just am not entirely sure what’s missing yet. I’m gonna let it percolate while I wax brilliant on how Austen uses the trope of travel to describe information and gossip.

(Yeah, you know you’re impressed.)

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