and one more…

could i procrastinate ANY more?


she’s your good childhood friend, you met her last week,
he’s your orthodontist’s dog walker’s son
if you love all of them and you use the same words
how can you make me believe i’m the one?

the old men in suits that talk of U.S. inflation
aren’t speaking of just dollars and dimes;
they could easily be talking about love’s circulation
and how your value just hit some hard times.

your love isn’t love if it’s common and known
to anyone that you’ve ever met
don’t tell me you love me; it’s empty for now
until you make me believe you forget.


you’re angry–you say, “words are just words;
and my actions speak louder than all.”
it’s true, i could listen to your arms around me,
but i’d like to avoid this close call

see for me love is sacred, the words precious and true–
i don’t toss them around just for sport;
competing with the memory of all your past adorations
is exhausting and i always fall short.


Your words don’t say anything worth listening to
when you have just passed them around

Your words don’t say anything worth listening to
when you have just passed them around

2 Responses to “and one more…”

  1. um, how bout I love these LOTS.

    also, you should never feel like you’ve written dumb song lyrics. after all, one of pink floyd’s greatest hits, Wish You Were Here contains the lines “we’re just two lost souls living in a fish bowl…” Doubt you could ever top that genius. I still don’t know whether to think it’s terribly deep or just really desperate rhyming.

    also, I have decided that you can put my blog on your list of fame. I have nothing terribly secretive in it as of right now and I’m not sure I have anything really awesome to put in it anyways so yeah. shoot. I was going to write another post tonight but then I was kinda like, wow, this is so boring no one wants to read this, but maybe I will. we’ll see.


  2. Hello, nice post. Bookmark it.

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