everything looks perfect from far away

there’s a line in this song about how two people are made to be interlocking, like puzzle pieces. i suppose i could go all literal about that, which i won’t, but it got me thinking about the metaphor of puzzle pieces.

and it makes sense to me.

when i am putting a puzzle together, there are a bunch of pieces that seem like they might fit together. the colors work. the shapes seem right and they seem like they’d go in the right location.

and they just don’t work.

it’s inexplicable.

it sometimes makes me want to give up.

it sometimes seems as though i have looked through every. single. piece. only to find that it’s not there.

but…then, inevitably, when i move on to another place or continue to look, it appears. almost as if it had been there all the time, or sometimes hidden under something stupid. like a coaster.

i find this metaphor oddly comforting right now.

trial and error is a part of the creation of every great work of art–even a 1000 piece puzzle.

2 Responses to “everything looks perfect from far away”

  1. How beautifully put. You certainly have a way with words, and it looks like you’re using that gift to grasp hold of some important truths.

    Kimberly–thank you! You are sweet. I sort of just say what I’m thinking. Thanks for thinking that it’s good. 🙂

  2. Dood, I hate when you have to put together the sky or like a brown ground. Everything looks the same. That ticks me off so much. But I love like 5000 piece puzzles because when you finish them you’re like BAM. I’m awesome.

    I think I want to bring my card table from home and put it in my room and do puzzles. And then frame them, because I think it’s really nifty when people do that.

    Also, this is the iron and wine version! They’re the ones who sang the songs in In Good Company and you said you hadn’t heard of them and I said Tommy loved them.

    Also, can the link to my blog be my blog’s title and not my name so I don’t feel retarded/open to the world? kthanks.

    Also, ❤

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