thirty, flirty, and thriving

I turn 30…yes, THIRTY…in two and a half weeks.

I have had my share of freakouts about it. Believe me.

But…I’m getting over it and I’m working on celebrating the fact that I am turning thirty and I’m better than I’ve ever been.

I’m smarter.

I’m way cuter.

I’m wiser.

I’m better-looking.

I’m more confident.

I’m farther ahead in my career than I’ve ever been.

Did I mention I’m hotter?

And I’m ready–really ready–for whatever comes my way next.

I am hoping that the following things will somehow make an appearance in my (usually week-long) birthday celebrations. This is not at all a demand (*ahem*perhapsahintbutwhatever*ahem*) but simply my musing and daydreaming about what might make the BIG 3-0 that much less scary for the very single (VERY, VERY, OH SO VERY single) Carrie. It would also be amazing if they were not all from the same person…man, I’m a pain, aren’t I?

  • a carousel ride or some other kind of amusement park fun
  • being remembered by my best friend who is so very far away
  • doing something dramatic and fun and adventurous to my hair…I’m currently thinking of chestnut brown because I’ve never gone that dark before
  • creating a list of thirty reasons why it’s awesome to be me…and 30…and actually believe
  • daisies
  • dancing like a crazy fool
  • unexpected funny text messages
  • virgin margaritas
  • feeling like the center of attention not because I’m old but because I’m loved
  • some great jeans that make any outfit hot
  • a grand romantic gesture (hey…a girl can dream, right?)
  • a note on my car from someone unexpected
  • embracing hope that this upcoming year will be better and greater and more amazing than this last year…which was pretty darn awesome
  • and, of course…ice cream. good ice cream. like, “who needs a man?” good ice cream.

I talk a good game, but this birthday is hitting me harder than any other birthday. It’s weird.

I am trying, though, to embrace it.

It’s a challenge.

Any advice?

One Response to “thirty, flirty, and thriving”

  1. All of these things can be accomplished by going to Walt Disney World.

    I do not understand how dyeing my hair and getting hot jeans can be accomplished at Disney World, but I see your point about the others. Too bad I can’t go, then, huh?

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