Remember my list of things that I wanted to have happen for my birthday?




Let’s recap, shall we?


  • a carousel ride or some other kind of amusement park fun (will be DONE! going to Disney World!)
  • being remembered by my best friend who is so very far away (DONE! it may be late, but he’s sending me something…)
  • doing something dramatic and fun and adventurous to my hair…I’m currently thinking of chestnut brown because I’ve never gone that dark before (DONE! See photo…)
  • creating a list of thirty reasons why it’s awesome to be me…and 30…and actually believe every.single.one
  • daisies (DONE! I love my family…)
  • dancing like a crazy fool
  • unexpected funny text messages (funny? oh yeah. and i’ve definitely gotten some that were unexpected in lots of ways…)
  • virgin margaritas (DONE! my amazing Pink Princess party featured strawberry ones…)
  • feeling like the center of attention not because I’m old but because I’m loved (DONE! my friends are amazing…)
  • some great jeans that make any outfit hot (DONE! And for $12.99 at Ross. I love sales. Those are the cheapest jeans I’ve ever bought. I love it…)
  • a grand romantic gesture (hey…a girl can dream, right?)
  • a note on my car from someone unexpected
  • embracing hope that this upcoming year will be better and greater and more amazing than this last year…which was pretty darn awesome (DONE! Or, at least, I’m working hard at it…it’s nearly impossible not to be hopeful right now…)
  • and, of course…ice cream. good ice cream. like, “who needs a man?” good ice cream



I love my life.

One Response to “update…”

  1. Look at you and your hotness!!

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