yeah. so.

i have a blister on the bottom of my foot the size of a quarter. stupid birkenstocks betrayed me. old navy flipflops would have been better.

i am, right now, consumed by doubts when i had no doubt before and am seeing criticism where there is none.

i miss the girl who walked fearlessly into the future with faith and hope.   wondering where she went, and feeling as though these feelings fit nothing about my life right now, i looked at the calendar.


hello, PMS.  i wondered when you’d rear your ugly head.

so, in an effort to remember that girl who is amazing and, if not fearless certainly brave, and full of hope, i present to you one of the gifts i got on my birthday–a list of 30 Reasons to Love Carrie, created by one of my roommates.

I was so surprised–and I love it.

1. She loves using big words and defines them for me when I don’t understand them.

2.  She eats ice cream for breakfast and cake for dinner.

3.  She knows how to laugh and then be completely serious a millisecond later.

4.  She quotes Roger Rabbit: “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

5.  She can turn any bad situation around and make it positive.

6.  She loves ribs…a lot…

7.  She is daring.

8.  She is kind.

9.  She is snarky yet lovable.

10.  She likes British comedy.

11.  Her favorite movie is Clue, need I say more?

12.  She is bea-u-ti-ful!

13.  She is always there to ehlp.

14.  She makes her own bread.

15.  She has orange and blue toenails.

16.  She is one day going to write the Great American Novel…Go Gators!

17.  She is not afraid to speak her mind.

18.  She is slowly rubbing off on me.

19.  She cleans like a fiend.

20.  She makes enchiladas that are to die for.

21.  She always knows just what to say.

22.  She is not afraid to tell me when I’m being stupid.

23.  She brings me out of my shell.  I get funnier when she’s around…or after 11 p.m., whichever comes first.

24.  She loves to laugh even if it’s at herself…but especially if it’s at me.

25.  She loves giraffes.

26.  She is a grat friend.

27.  She always knows how to make me smile!

28.  She rocks my ever-loving socks off!!

29.  She is one of the most amazing people ever and one day she will be ranked as one of the most amazing people ever on VH1.

30.  She will laugh at me making a list of 30 reasons why I love her!!!  And know that it was hard to stick to 30…

I’m trying to remember that girl…the daring one. I think it’s time to put on some lip gloss, a smile, and fake it until it’s true again. That, and do something productive that makes me feel good about myself and my life.

One Response to “yeah. so.”


    Nobody. There’s nobody in the study.

    And um, any chance you want to share that enchilada recipe? Maybe?

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