sweet merciful heavens

do you know this song? “tattoo” by jordin sparks, the latest american idol winner?

it is lyrically TERRIBLE. “you’ll be on my heart just like a tattoo”?



but it’s like CRACK.  see, it starts out sort of compelling.  and then it gets stupid. but by that point, it’s already needled its way into your head and lives there, like a tapeworm, just soaking up any extra moments of idleness, until you find yourself singing “just like a tattoo…i’ll always have you” like it’s something to be proud of.


i am humiliated every single time.

in other news, i have discovered that the double-edged sword of loyalty is not being able to let go very easily.


in other news, my best friend is the best person on the planet and the one who singlehandedly, 100%, restores my faith in humanity.

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