how do i forget?

…how amazing it feels to be smart and to accomplish some sizable academic goal?

i finished the second draft of my first completed dissertation chapter tonight…well, this morning, i guess, since it’s 3 a.m.  it wasn’t nearly as difficult as i thought it would be (the big things rarely are as monstrous as i make them out to be in my head) and there were moments when i was like “man. i am SMART.”

it’s not conceit. i promise. i think we all have those moments, rare as they are, when we sit back and are amazed at how good we are at something that we really are good at.  it’s nice to have those moments. i have not been feeling that altogether solid about my talents, so it’s nice to feel as though i am on the right track.

now, on to the student papers.  now, on to getting ready to get out of this place.

it will be an awesome three weeks.  i feel ready for a change and blessed with enthusiasm and excitement where i didn’t have it before.

i am grateful for that.  so much more than i can express in words.

ironic, that.

One Response to “how do i forget?”

  1. Congrats!! That’s a great feeling. I know what you mean- about the rare moments where we realize how genius we are. I find that I get that feeling when I go back and re-read papers I wrote in university. It’s such a nice ego boost, that I keep those papers close for the days I do something foolish. 😉

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