i’d like Christmas potpourri for $600, alex

Things I’m currently thinking about, that must be purged from my alternately cluttered and stupidly empty brain:

1.  Mom’s on vacation now, which means Christmas has officially begun. She doesn’t quite know what to do with herself…she doesn’t have to go back to work until Wednesday the 2nd.  I, quite frankly, don’t know what she’ll end up doing with herself.  It’ll be nice to see what happens.

2.   Tomorrow, we venture out into the frigid cold (well, if you define frigid as upper 50s with the potential for drizzle, as I do) to finish the Christmas shopping. I really can only anticipate it being a nightmare of parking and mayhem, but I’m excited nevertheless. I haven’t had a proper challenge all week.

3.  Is it me or was this week ETERNAL? I cleaned my grandpa’s house on Monday, and when I mentioned something about that day it seemed like AGES ago.  I am bored. That is the only explanation.  It doesn’t help that, if staying in my pajamas is at all a viable option, I do so gladly.

4.  I am currently working on a scrapbook for my grandfather. Well, really, I am reinventing a scrapbook that we made for their 40th anniversary in 1989 (yes, I remember it…) that was entirely contained in one of those old sticky-paged photo albums that eats pictures and makes you want to cry with its desecration of your most sacred memories.

Things I’ve learned from this effort, thus far: I am more creative than I think, my grandma had GREAT taste in shoes as a mid-20s gal living in the big city (and the legs to show those shoes off), and scrapbooking takes forever.

And yet, I’m still enjoying it.

5.  I have not baked ANYTHING since I’ve been home. I don’t think you understand the magnitude of this fact. I normally come home and bake for days…my Mrs. Fields cookies, fudge, rice krispie treats, and assorted other goodies to give away to Mom’s employees.  This year? Not so much.

I can’t really believe it, actually. Perhaps that’s why I’m bored?

I think there HAS to be some baking in my near future.  Definitely.

6.   Somehow, regardless of what I do, I can’t manage to go to bed before 2 a.m.  Even if I take some kind of sleep aid, I still end up awake until at least 2.  This is not good when the rest of my house wakes up insanely early and wants to be all chipper and such.  This especially does not work well if you are supposed to be up and cheerful at 8:30 for the heater repair people.  By 11, I was just not functioning at all.  The nap helped, but really…wow, could I be any more lazy?

7.  I am not feeling particularly festive. Or I wasn’t. Until I watched Mary Poppins tonight and saw that “I Love To Laugh” scene. How can anyone sit through that and not laugh like a silly kid? I don’t understand it.   Don’t quite know what to do to bring the Christmas spirit.  Any ideas?

Well, that’s about all I have tonight.  It’s 11:30 and I may just call it a night, actually.  Go in my room, crawl into bed, and jump back into the world of Harry Potter (or, if that doesn’t quite work, the world of “The OC”–don’t hate).

May the weekend before Christmas be filled with safe travels, happy families, close available parking, and splendid sales.

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