“not really sure, i’m just bored”

well, folks, i think i’m coming up in the world.

to find me, apparently you need only be bored and willing to tell google about it, and google will, being the miraculous timewaster and mindreader that it is, send you to me.

thanks for that.

following the tradition of many cooler bloggers before me, i will now address some of the more engaging search engine terms that have brought confused people to my little corner of the blogosphere.

sexy sports fans

yes, well, i like the sports. especially if those sports are college and if they feature one Tim Tebow. as for the sexy…yeah, i’ll give you that one too. sure. i can see the logic of this one.

google gets one point.

spackle walmart

they sell it! it’s one of the few amazing discoveries i made during this summer’s move and i blogged about it too. while i actually loathe walmart with a passion–i try to avoid it if at all possible–there are few other places where you can buy a plunger, some fabric, dog food, and a nice looking skirt at the same time.

if you can avoid the persistent feeling of claustrophobia while doing it, good for you. i never can.

not really sure, im just bored

well…i hope you were entertained?

how bored do you REALLY have to be to type this into a search engine? i mean…wasn’t there ANYTHING else you could do? or, honestly, wasn’t there any other thing you could search for?

but considering the vast amount of time i waste online, i’m not throwing stones. trust me.

Doctor Do Not Disturb Sign

i just don’t really want to know why a doctor would need a do not disturb sign. i just don’t. but dangit, now i’m wondering…

but good luck finding one. you definitely won’t find it here.

horrible terrible mean

uhm, ouch?  really?

and, by far, my favorite…

most psychotic thing you can think of

just out of curiosity, i googled this phrase myself. do you know what comes up?


i skimmed through seven pages of “your psychotic break” and tips for taming a nutso dog, but not one thing that referred someone to my blog.

nevertheless, i find great joy that someone found me through that.

because we all have to aspire to something, right?

2 Responses to ““not really sure, i’m just bored””

  1. My favorite so far is “Bad things about Martin Van Buren” Good old internet.

  2. I once had a phone conversation that went something like this:
    friend: what are you doing?
    me: I was doing nothing.
    friend: no really, you had to have been doing something
    me: No… actually I was just staring into space. When I do nothing, I do nothing.

    I’ve only been that bored a few times (and when I snap out of it and realize that I’ve spent the last five minutes doing NOTHING because I’m bored I usually feel ashamed) but I don’t think I would ever tell google I’m bored. That just seems bizarre.

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