just one more adoring fan

I went to the car wash today.

Let’s just say it doesn’t see me or my little zippy car that I named once but now can’t remember the name…sad, right?…that often.  Like dusting, car washes just sort of fall by the wayside.

But when the accumulated dust on your dashboard has made you forget that you actually have a charcoal-colored interior, it’s long past time to visit.  It helps that Mom offered to pay (possibly because the guru of keeping her car clean and neat was horrified at the state of mine).  Really, it does.

But wow, did those 15 year olds who work the car was hate me.  Oh yeah. They did.

They had to scrub very hard to get the remnants of my birthday car paint (the one that said HOTT Birthday Girl on my driver’s side window) off. You remember how long that’s been, right?


And we’ve already talked about the dust.  And, also, I live in an area where there were lots of falling debris from…well..fall.  And since who really vacuums out their car without washing it?  I mean…they vacuum it when I get the oil changed (yes, I do take care of the engine…I promise), but they only do the bare minimum.  I had accumulated debris from all of the leaves in four different states and the last vestiges of a beach trip that…well, let’s just say that vacuuming up that leftover sand will be good for the “onward, better brighter and more amazing carrie who deserves much more” 2008 agenda.

So, you can imagine…by the time they were done, they had cursed my name and wished me ill in many creative ways.

I tried to be adorable and nice…and let’s be honest, it’s not hard for me to be those things…but I’m not sure it completely made up for the fact that my car was a trash hole that they guaranteed to be a clean and neat beautiful vehicle worthy of songs of praise.

It was, by the end. I mean, it’s not perfect, but it’s a darn sight better than it was.

I’ll just add all of those curses on my name to the pile offered by my students.

Poor adorable car wash attendant. Didn’t know what hit him.

I think that happens a lot when people encounter me.

I LOVE that.

One Response to “just one more adoring fan”

  1. hahahahahahahaha. birthday paint.

    I’m sad. I enjoyed seeing the specks of it on your windows for some reason.

    my car’s name is angela. my first car’s name was rupert, and I loved him a lot more. me and angela have a love-hate relationship, for obvious reasons.

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