gone too soon

I don’t care who you are or whether or not you were a fan (I’m not particularly one), whether or not you liked Brokeback Mountain or thought it was a bunch of hoopla for not much at all (never saw it, never will, so I didn’t really care), or if you are a Dawson’s Creek fan who thought he was perfect for our Jen (it was cute…and how cute is it that they named their daughter Matilda?), the news of the death of Heath Ledger has to be a shock.

He was nearly my age.

He was at the height of his career.

He had everything to live for, everything to look forward to.

And he’s gone.

It’s rather odd that it even affects me at all.

Maybe it’s the world of the cult of celebrity that we live in, with CNN providing more entertainment news about Britney and K-Fed’s custody battle than about anything related to African sectarian violence or the presidential race, but when I learned the news, I felt it in my gut. I think in this world of celebrity, we feel as though we own a piece of all of them somehow–that they are our stars, our actors, our musicians.

And when something tragic happens, we all want to know why because if we can make sense of that perhaps we can make sense of our world when it is utterly senseless.

We’ll learn more over the next weeks about what happens. I hope, in the deepest part of my heart, that the whole thing does not become a circus ala Anna Nicole.

Please, please, please…let that NOT happen.

From my small place in the world, as stupid as it may sound, I wish peace and comfort to those who loved him and those he loved.  Maybe we should all just hug the people we love a little bit more.  That also may sound stupid, but there you go.

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