I was sitting in church today, listening to an apostle of the Lord speak, and I was suddenly struck by something that he said.  “You don’t have time to read that which is trash.”

I was struck by that idea that there’s only so much time, and I wondered what I’m doing with it.

Yeah, I waste too much time. That’s a fact that I don’t deny. It’s always going to be something that I struggle with. There are whole days when I am completely productive.  But there are too many days when I feel frustrated by how many different directions in which I’ll be pulled.  I’m sure that you can all relate.

When I was sitting in church today, though, having that moment of realization that I really don’t have much time to accomplish the goals that I want to achieve in the next nine or ten months, I realized that blogging–as much as it is sometimes helpful to me–is as much a distraction as it is a help.

I could be doing much more with my tine than I am.

So, not that I expect that this will shatter anyone’s week (and that’s really not a “woe is me, no one really reads my blog” dig…I promise–just the truth as I see it), expect to see fewer posts here.

Sporadic will be the watchword.  I’ll come if and when I need to.

Who knows? I just feel like it’s right to focus on what I need to focus on…which isn’t making this blog awesome.

One Response to “sporadic”

  1. But do you remember what else he said? We can share the gospel of Jesus Christ through such things as blogs. It was a bit of a groaner for me, but now I see what he was talking about.

    See second to last paragraph.

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