everyday magic

talking to a friend of mine today.  well, perhaps an acquaintance who once was a friend? maybe a friend. i don’t know.  i am having trouble distinguishing between what makes a friend and what doesn’t. i feel like we use that term far too flippantly…and therefore it doesn’t have as much weight as it should with the people who really rise up to truly define the term.

we were talking about expectations, about being happy.  and this is what i said:

amazing isn’t a state of being. amazing is a state of mind. and moments of incredible wonder are just that…moments. most of life is the everyday kind of magic that we often forget to look for. it’s all about figuring out how to find them.

i really believe that.  i don’t believe that life has to be mundane, boring, or meh.  i do believe that most of life requires hard work, and the ones that don’t recognize that are the ones that truly miss out on the amazing possibilities that only come when you put in the sweat equity.  how can you really understand the triumph that comes from seeing a job well done if you don’t, well, do it?  plus, people who whine about having to work hard at life bug me a little.

since when was it supposed to be easy? when did God ever say “oh, yeah, i’m going to give you everything on a silver platter. here you go. understand the mysteries. make sense of the cosmos. completely get my entire plan as a mere mortal with a temporal, finite mind.  go ahead.  sure. you’re ready.”

pfft.  please. i don’t really even understand geometry. i don’t want to understand the mysteries of God thankyouverymuch.

anyways…i realized that i really believe that every day is full of magic.  FULL of it.

let me share with you some of the magic of today.

–despite the fact that i should be really scared about the biopsy, i am not. i have peace. i know that people are praying. i am fasting for her.  i know that she will feel the weight and peace of those prayers.  i know that, whatever happens, we will have strength enough to do whatever we need to do.  it’s going to be okay.

–my best friend, half a world (well, actually, more than half a world) away is fasting with me.  right now.  i can’t tell you what that means to me–and to mom.  it’s an extraordinary gift to have someone in your life who knows you inside and out–all your flaws and stupid foibles and idiotic traits and your strengths and all of the ways that you are amazing and magical without even knowing it–and still thinks you’re pretty darn incredible.

–i am ridiculously enjoying bleak house, which is this tome of a novel that i assigned my students.  i’d read it before, but i forget how much i love something until i immerse myself in it once more.

–valentine’s day was actually quite fun. no bitter at ALL.  just love–for lots of people–and a reminder to myself of what i really want and what’s most important. and i got chocolate. lots and lots of dove dark chocolate, which makes my heart sing.  being ridiculously adorable pays off. 🙂

–my jeans are looser.  that, friends, is magic right there.

–last night, i found ingrid michaelson lyrics.  and i’m in love with her.  i LOVE the song as i am, but the rest of her lyrics are extraordinary.

–i am just surrounded by blessings. on my right side and on my left, in front of me and behind me.  people who answer my prayers. people who let me answer theirs. people who strive every day to do what’s right. people who make me laugh ridiculously over something really really stupid.  people who prove to me that people are at their core genuinely good.  people who let me trust them and never break that trust.

everyday magic. that’s what it’s about.  when we see it, we can’t help but be happy that we are here.  that we chose to be here.  it makes all of the difficulties of the days and weeks and months drift away, somehow. when we’re looking for it, we can’t help but be hopeful.  it’s impossible.



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