fair warning.

don’t screw with my plans, universe.

mom called me tonight on the way home from institute to tell me that she’s not feeling very well and wants me to call before i hit the road tomorrow for the long drive home.  she’s not running a fever, and periodically has these days (especially when the weather’s changing and she’s stressed out–hello, what could be more stressful than these past two weeks?) when she seems like she’s getting a cold but actually isn’t.  she’s been sleeping all day and sounded pretty okay on the phone, so i have hope.

but here’s my fair warning to the universe: don’t screw with my carefully-constructed plans.

i got someone to cover my shifts at work.

i rescheduled a bunch of conferences with students.

i have mentally prepared a list of things to do while waiting in the waiting room for hours–grading, reading, etc.

i have mentally prepared a list of things to do while taking care of mom.

i am prepared.

both mom and i will go stark raving out of our minds if we have to wait.

so, here’s my prayer and my threat, in tandem–the prayer for Heavenly Father, the threat for the powers that are trying to screw with this good and honorable plan.

don’t let anything go wrong.  let’s just get this thing done, okay?

i honestly don’t know what i’ll do with myself if i’m stuck here this weekend.  i mean, really.

what will i DO?

One Response to “fair warning.”

  1. missfeebee Says:

    Good morning. I send you many, many wishes that your plans work your way and the universe doesn’t screw with you!!
    I hope your mom feels better….and recovers 110%!!
    Take care! 🙂

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