if wishes were balloons, i’d float away.

i could use the following, posthaste:

  • a really great hug.
  • the will to do my work this week, because i have a lot to do, when all i really want to do is a) nothing and b) everything that’s not what i have to do.
  • money enough to not worry about money.

and yet, i know that i am blessed and i am grateful for those blessings that have already been made manifest in my life, so i don’t complain. i began to complain in my facebook status but then i realized how obnoxiously full of sadness, downtroddenness, and stress the status update page i looked at was, so i changed it.  yes, i do feel like i may not make it through this week intact.

but i don’t have to share that with the world.   you know, except for here…whatever.

i’m exhausted.  i don’t think i slept well at home, being worried about waking up for mom if i needed to.  i think every time the floorboards creaked, whether from mom being up or from the cats cavorting, i woke up.

i have 100+ pages of dickens to read, which makes me want to just curl up and cry.

i have two and a half hours of conferences tomorrow with students before the two hour class.  let’s take bets on how early i’ll let them out of class.

and, yet, i have promised to be like Tigger–full of optimistic resilience.

so, let’s adopt a mantra, shall we?

“what’s next?”

because if i can deal with what’s next, then i can move on more quickly and i’ll look up and this week will be over and i will have a week full of nothing to do but whatever i want to do.

did i mention i’m tired.

i’m SO tired.

what’s next?


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