lifting weight.

i began to write this post explaining what we did tonight, my roommates and i, and how much it meant to me.

i realized, in the process, that the reason i wanted to write about it wasn’t because of what we did–and when i tried to explain it, it seemed to call attention to the act and not the effect, which was not at all my intent–but how it affected me.

let me just say that i just spent one of the most fun nights of recent memory with my roommates in a Publix, doing some things for some people who really deserve it.  these are people who spend all day every day serving other people–and tonight, it felt like we got to answer a prayer.  i don’t know whose prayer it was, but it was definitely someone’s fervent prayer.

i think it might have been mine.

you see, when i was running down the aisle of publix trying to get to the checkstand more quickly and laughing with my roommates about what kind of syrup to buy, all of the weight and stress and emptiness that i’ve been feeling for the past week or two lifted off of me.

laughter. fun. silliness.  forgetting myself in doing something for someone else.

i came home feeling lighter and better and brighter.

that’s pretty much the best blessing i could ask for.

i am grateful for it.

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