please, oh please, resurrect the bulleted update list! please?!?

you asked, i answer.

actually, let’s start out with that.  hello lurkers.  how are you? have a question? ask it. i’ll answer it…perhaps with a dash of self-deprecating humor meant to deflect, but i will answer. here’s your chance.  anything you don’t know that you’d like to know?

but, here’s an update:

  • new blog look. i think it was time.  i rather like it. say hello to the customizable image header. i think i’ll keep it. and the blue and orange? yes? yes?  that’s what i thought.
  • all day i thought it was like the middle of the week.  this weekend? seemed longer than i thought. which is good, because i needed the rest.
  • walked three miles today. yep. started the training for the 3 day.  i’m hoping that it will change the things that i want to change.  i actually see it as a fantastic goal, one that i can actually achieve, and one that coincides with the dissertation.  if i can walk 60 miles in three days, i can certainly write a few measly but brilliant chapters on travel.
  • going to see so many movies. so excited. love the movies. miss the movies.

i think that’s all that i’ve got.  sad, isn’t it? oh how the mighty have fallen…


One Response to “please, oh please, resurrect the bulleted update list! please?!?”

  1. I HAVE to walk everywhere in Australia . . . maybe I should start walking. haha. But yes – good luck on the 60 miles in 3 day thing!

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