i want to post, but the things i want to post about are sort of…not things i can put into words. so forgive me another update post?

things are good. mom’s doing really well.  oncologist appointment at the end of the month, so radiation after that.  i’ve totally been lazy this week, although i should be grading papers and reading for my dissertation.

i have a feeling that won’t actually happen. oh well. so i’ll be pressed for time next week. big deal.

i started training for the 3 day this week, which i actually really like.  my back is about killing me today, and it feels muscular, but i can’t for the life of me figure out why my upper back would be hurting when all i’ve done is walk on the treadmill at varying speeds…anyone?

and, also, eating really ridiculous amounts of chocolate chip cookies/mexican food/chinese food tends to completely negate the efforts put in on the treadmill, but you know.  next week i’ll start eating like a person minding her ps and qs again.


anyone know a good way to learn salsa? there’s a class on campus, but really? i suck. i don’t want to do that. also, it’s on the wrong day for crosstraining, so that won’t really work…dvd? we’ll see.

life is good.  i feel entirely hopeful about everything, and i feel like the next six months are going to be really important in lots of ways for me.  sorry to be so vague, but…that’s just the way it is right now when everything’s sort of a jumble in my mind.

okay…off to hit the treadmill.  i never thought i’d be one of those treadmill/gym people.  i hope i become one. that would be awesome.

also, i TOTALLY want to go snow tubing! how much fun does THAT seem? totally making it happen this winter.  maybe…december?  the NC mountains are calling me already…but the beach is calling me first.

yep. treadmill.  but maybe a cookie first?

oy. hopeless.

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