made my day.

i was trying to figure out a new pithy yet deep comment for the about me section of my facebook–i know, i know–and i was going nowhere. ironic for the girl whose business is words, eh?  i thought so too.

then i ventured over to urban dictionary to look up some words that i thought described me.  mix it up a little, you know.  one week, some song lyrics.  one week, a definition.

and this is what i found:

sassy: “possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool.”

and that’s what’s there.

because that’s what i am.

in other news, two of my students are now my facebook friends.

it’s strange how that puts another perspective on the fact that you have ashlee simpson song lyrics as your status or your many photo albums or your 4000+ wall posts.

oh well.

hello, students. welcome to carrie after hours.

also, the total so far since sunday: 10 miles biked, 6 miles walked, and an introduction to SW rec on campus.  surprisingly nice.  surprisingly empty at 7 a.m.  i believe that’s going to be my time.

and who can frickin’ believe THAT?

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