why i love thursdays.

i don’t have to walk at all.  or do anything. except work all day and then come home and grade papers.

but nothing on a treadmill or a bike or a anything.


(in other news, s’mores pop tart = good sugar rush for when you want to punch somebody in the face rather than get out of bed and go to the gym.  also, meeting the roommate there helps to make it actually happen.)

also, weirdly…about 20 minutes in?  i was actually in the zone and was liking it.

i might become one of THOSE people.

yay.  no, really.  i just don’t even have the energy right now to use the exclamation.

oh, and i got a parking ticket at the gym.

excuse me while i lay like a lump and try to pretend that doesn’t JUSTSUCKSOMUCH.

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