“are you sure? i had it in my day planner under ‘goals’.”

spent the last four hours laying like a lump doing nothing.

this cannot continue.

so the following MUST happen over this weekend.  no excuses.  it has to happen.

and i’m putting it here so that i have to be accountable.

in the next three days, i will not:

  • blog.  whatever needs to be said can be said monday, and that time needs to be spent doing something else.
  • facebook.  i shudder to say this–genuinely i do–but it’s time to cut the cord again a little bit. it’s one of my resolutions.
  • spend money.

in the next three days, i WILL:

  • work for four hours at the RWC.
  • seriously clean my bathroom.
  • straighten up my room so that peace reigns again.  it might just mean creating organized piles of chaos, but i feel like if i can unpack finally from the trip and organize most everything except my desk, i’ll be fairly happy.
  • go to the gym twice and walk seven miles.
  • prepare two lessons for sunday at church.
  • read as much as possible of alice’s adventures in wonderland.
  • grade at least 16 papers.  1/2 is a good start to knocking out that big pile that mocks me.
  • map out next week’s dissertation domination.  because that’s what needs to happen…dissertation DOMINATION.
  • go make easter crafts.  dyeing eggs! festivities!
  • and on sunday, i rest.

so there you go, dear bloggery friends.  that’s my plan.  see you next week. i hope your weekend brings you whatever you’ve been lacking–productivity for the procrastinators, relaxation for the overstressed.

it’ll be nice to have a change, eh?

One Response to ““are you sure? i had it in my day planner under ‘goals’.””

  1. and I am intimidating? phhpt!

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