argh. no, really. ARRRGGGGHHHH.

i’m frustrated.

i’ve been working out for nearly two weeks, almost every day.  it’s more than i’ve really ever worked out, with the possible exception of when i used to walk home from middle school, about a mile and a half, most every day.  but considering i’m doing at least double that most days…yes, i’m working out more than i ever had.

and, yet, i’m GAINING weight.

that’s right.


now, before you’re all “well, are you eating like a crazy person?” the answer is no.

i am trying to eat less.  am i always successful? no.  last week was foodapalooza, so i was happy to just be maintaining. but now? now that i’m back? and have been trying to eat less/smarter?

gaining.  GAINING!

i am so incredibly frustrated.  if i wasn’t doing this for something bigger and better than me, i’d be tempted to stop. but i won’t.

but i guess i’d like to see SOME results. something. it’s not like i don’t have weight to lose.  i do.  so i shouldn’t have any trouble.


and if i can’t see results, can i please stop looking for them?


2 Responses to “argh. no, really. ARRRGGGGHHHH.”

  1. Gaining MUSCLE. Theoretically, that should happen for the first little while, then you will start losing weight in total (though still gaining muscle).

    As I do not have any fat OR muscle, and am merely a bag of skin filled with sawdust and bones, I can speak only theoretically.

  2. Its overwhelming . . . overwhelmingly FRUSTRATING! I sympathize.

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