crickets, or how life imitates art.

when i told the class of thirty-some students that they didn’t have to do an assignment, they were thrilled.  cue excited chatter.

when i told them that they had an extra credit opportunity, they were surprised. cue undercurrent of “really?”s.

when i introduced the second paper, in all its seven page glory and required research delight, cue the crickets.

it was like i’d just told them that i’d stolen their dogs, stomped on the hoods of their cars and spit on them all for good measure, and made their moms cry.

crickets, i tell you. crickets.

i hate those moments.

loathe them.

it’s like a bad first date times a hundred and fifty thousand.  because not only are your comments, normally met by at least some underground chortles, falling dead and flat but they’re all just staring at you like “for real? you’re trying to be cute now? you just insulted us collectively.”


and i respond in awkward measure, not realizing that i could just proceed through and move along but by trying to recover with more cute comments.

that’s when i begin to die a little inside.

cue my own little crisis of confidence, particularly appropriate since i think i’ve used that phrase 47,692 times this semester (put that on the bingo card! EVERYONE will win!) and it seems appropriate that one of these days it would just rear up and bite me in the butt.

oh well.

in other news, a student has found my blog.  i found her blog ages ago but only now did she blackmail me request my address.  her blog’s amazing. go read it and realize why teaching this class is a joy and a pleasure and why every day has mad potential for comedy GOLD.

even on days when they stare at me like i’ve sprouted two heads and have begun singing hanson’s “mmmbop.”

(now THAT’S a horrifying image.)


One Response to “crickets, or how life imitates art.”

  1. Thanks for the link! As for the class…no one is ever, ever prepared to talk about the paper…mostly since we’re too busy playing bingo 🙂

    And just for the record there was no blackmail involved. It was a sweet, innocent request that could have been denied. No lying to the blogging community, this is about honesty, for realz.

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