this post brought to you by the “shameless self-promotion” department.


i am published.

in an actual book.

(that you can find here.)

what’s that? what’s the name of this brilliant article?

(i’m so glad that you asked.)

my article is called “‘normal is the watchword’: exiling cultural anxieties and redefining desire from the margins” and is it brilliant?

why, yes it is. AND it’s about veronica mars and buffy the vampire slayer…which means (GASP!) it was FUN to write and research.

also, freaky times when you google yourself and see that someone is talking about YOUR MASTERS THESIS in terms like “i’m looking forward to mining bolte’s work for additional resources.”

(but WHHHAAAAT?!?)

i remember when both of these things were just embroyos of documents on my computer…how trippy is that?!? and now they’re both like for real publications that people read.

i’m flipping out a little.

and doing a little happy happy joy joy dance in my soul.

(it’s nice to realize that you’re actually moving, progressing…and that you have a hopeful future in your chosen profession.)

2 Responses to “this post brought to you by the “shameless self-promotion” department.”

  1. CONGRATS! So exciting!

  2. I’m not gonna lie…I’m pretty jealous. The closest I’ve ever been to getting published was when I made the “social” page of our bi-weekly paper for singing ‘In The Good Old Summertime’ at Olde Lake Mary Days when I was 7. This is about a million times more awesome than that (and I love Buffy, so there’s an added interest for me). Congratulations!

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