…from something i wrote a while back. it still makes me think.

The saddest thing I’ve learned is that no matter how much you may want things in life to match the way you imagine it in your head, when everyone is on their best behavior and we’re all embracing magnanimous attitudes, sometimes it just can’t happen that way.  Sometimes what we really need is not to hold on, but to let go.  Sometimes we need to scream instead of talk rationally.  Sometimes we need to abandon our idyllic imaginings in favor of facing the imperfect realities that surround us–that we are human, that sometimes people are unkind, that maybe our hearts are more broken than we thought, that life can sometimes be cruel before it gets kind again–in order to find a way through it all.  I guess I’ve learned that closure is a lie–packages don’t always get wrapped up tightly and neatly with a bow. Sometimes we have to do that ourselves, shoving our memories into a literal or metaphorical shoebox in the back of the closet so that we can move on.

And even then?

It’s still hard.


2 Responses to “dusty.”

  1. closure should be banned from our language. because nothing ever has closure. we accept, understand, let go, move forward….but the memory is there…and that is ok!

    beautiful post. thanks for sharing. =)

    p.s.- i think you commenting on my blog is MUCH cooler. because it lead me here!

  2. i followed you from CopperBoom and Chickbug. This was a gorgeous post. I’m dealing with a lot of my own closure issues, and it really touched me. Letting go and moving on is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to coming back! 🙂

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