she just can’t see what all the fuss is about.

brandy wrote a post a while back about what her students thought was beautiful. it, in and of itself, is a beautiful post, as are most things she writes. i posted a comment with some things i think are beautiful, and i’d like to put them here and add some more and keep the chain going with your comments. because, you know, sometimes life is just hard and you’ve got really nowhere to go with that.

and beauty makes it better.

so…what is beautiful to you?

here are a few from me:

…sincere i love yous that you can feel–-and see

…cats all curled up, paw over head, in the exact position that i would be if i could be, in the sunshine.

…waves crashing on a beach at night when all you can really see is the foam.

…when i’m brave.

…my grandma’s hands. gosh, i miss her.

…those moments when you see a man hold a door open for a woman, or take her hand to help her up the stairs or out of a car, and you feel like you’ve intruded on something so intimate and sweet that you feel privileged to have witnessed it.

…uninhibited laughter from girls who believe in themselves, even if just for that moment.

…the Orlando temple at night, all lit up. i don’t think i’ve ever had a building take my breath away like that.

…when words fail you and you find another language in which to mourn.

6 Responses to “she just can’t see what all the fuss is about.”

  1. Beautiful, to me? Is an A+++ paper, even though you swear it doesn’t exist. One day? When I’m grading a paper? It will deserve an A+++, and I will scan it and mail it to you and you will eat your words.

    I also am a huge fan of sunsets over the ocean. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. …the moment a mom holds her baby for the first time, and forgets all the pain she just endured.

    …sunlight, shining through a window and brighting up a dark room.

    …getting lost in the lyrics of a song and forgetting the crazy world around you, just for that moment

    …when a man wraps his arms around you from behind, and just holds you.

  3. sucking the chocolate off a crunchie bar until the honeycomb stuff melts away

    Listening to motown music – when the sun is coming up

    Sunday roast and bannofie pie. there’s nothing better than sitting around the table, feeling normal and laughing away with your family

    Putting Hula Hoops on each finger and eating them like you did as a kid ( i still do)

    Being appreciated for the crazy bitch I am

  4. brookem Says:

    oh i remember reading your comment on brandy’s blog and thinking you said such wonderful things in response to this post. and your last one? beautiful.

  5. …sitting in a room with all your best friends and laughing all night long.

    …seeing that beautiful A on a project/paper/test you worked hard for.

    …a small patch of flowers in a field of snow.

    …sitting on a beach-front balcony at night and just taking everything in.

    …a baby’s giggle

    …the national cathedral at night. Actually, all the national monuments at night.

  6. Beauty to me is standing next to the Puget Sound with only a rail between me and the beach. Being able to see water and trees and mountains for miles. Feeling the cold winding snapping my hair in my face, hearing the sea gulls as they fight for bread crumbs, and being slightly worried about the sea gull poo that might land at any moment.

    I love days that are crisp and cool and clear and perfect with the blue sky and the clouds and just wishing that my thinking and my life were as beautiful as that moment next to the waterfront.

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