to me? to you? to who? to YOU!

it’s my unbirthday.

six months until my birthday.  i love my birthday.  i might cry this birthday because it’s JUST.SO.OLD but…i’ll still love it and require all to worship me as the princess that i am and eat cake and make it a national holiday.

you know, like normal.

but it’s my unbirthday!  which is pretty much the only thing that april is good for except, you know, spring and baby animals and isn’t the orange and blue football game soon and oh my gosh tebow in action again and can i please marry percy harvin (may his surgery go well) and did i mention that i actually for real know somebody who is on the team who has actually been in my house (yes, you may be impressed now for i am nothing if not impressive) and such.

moving on.

in celebration of this momentous occasion, i will tell you that this week has been all about sucking it up and doing stuff for other people who i didn’t really want to do anything for (because i was feeling kind of like they were lame now or in the past and that they didn’t really deserve it because…see earlier comment about lameness…and therefore i felt somewhat justified) but for whom i did things because, in one case, i was there and i could and i was supposed to, i think, and it didn’t hurt me at all to be a better person than i was intending to be since one day i hope to not be petty and lame although that’s probably not today and, in the second case, because i completely love the person and when you love somebody, sometimes you just suck it up and do some things that are nice when that person is driving you a little fruit loopy and what you really want to do is pelt them with olives.

(and apparently i have also abandoned the need for the period in my long-winded explanations.  full stop.)

also…in celebration, i might drink some diet cherry 7-up.  because it’s JUST THAT GOOD.

and then i’ll negate that by eating some oreos.

doesn’t have to make sense.

because it’s my unbirthday!

(i’m not sure if i mentioned that.)

2 Responses to “to me? to you? to who? to YOU!”

  1. I used to think I should at least get half a cake for my half birthday. No one else seemed to agree…

  2. Happy Un-Birthday! The O&B Game is this Saturday, and there’s a special Tim Tebow philanthropy on Sunday…you should probably go and drool for me since I’ll be at home. Percy Harvin is our team’s coach (I’m SO MAD I can’t be there)…good times.

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