this post sponsored by botox and/or a time machine.

so…when you somehow stumble upon the blog of a family from your middle/school high school ward, whose youngest son you remember in sort of this way and you see pictures on said blog of that kid who now is holding his nephew and is ALL.GROWN.UP, you might hypothetically start hyperventilating a little while wondering if it’s really been as long as you think it has.

(it really has. i haven’t been back to that place since…well…clinton was in office and the macarena was cool–well, as cool as it ever was.)

this becomes especially true when you read that said kid went on a date with another toddler from your memory.

to like the prom.


and then you want to die a little because you’re thinking. wow. not only is it a crazy small world (i mean, really? it’s just SO cute. i remember these kids! they were like in nursery together! so cute!) but i’m crazy old.

and then you think.


(see earlier comment about hyperventilation to explain the lack of ingenuity in writing.)

my life is really different than a lot of the people i grew up with.

and when you realize that that’s actually okay, and that your blog really does reflect your life and personality much like theirs (and their various children who are talking about their adorable little families) does, and that your life is actually pretty rockin’ and exciting, it’s kind of a cool feeling.

but for real?

the gray hair is banished this weekend.

and excuse me while i go moisturize with alphahydroxy complex.

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