news from the underground.

it’s 1:32 a.m.

i’m watching rock the cradle (why do i insist on writing cradle of love first?) on MTV and cursing cox cable for their intermittent outages, even though they warned me by obnoxiously polite voice mail that they would.

(they don’t seem to understand that gainesville is a college town and people are up at all hours trying to get things done.)

(ahem. or in theory that’s what they’re doing.)

come with me on my journey into this and other entertainment related observations born of the two jolly ranchers lollipops i ate to try to keep myself awake, my brewing headache, and my ever-present dissertation guilt.

(yeah, yeah. oh the humanity of it all.)

(don’t act like you’re too good. you know you think about this stuff too.)

all right. rock the cradle.

it’s a great premise. thanks, MTV, for finding more reasons to, say, NOT play music on your station. but, uhm, did these people get like any audition at all?

because screeching out avril lavigne (and comparing that love song to your relationship with your father?)? disturbing. very, very disturbing.

also…landon brown. you are pretty. i’m sorry that your father is bobby brown and that that was hard when people dressed up in orange jumpsuits for halloween and pretended to be him. i’m sorry that i kind of found that funny. it’s not your fault. did i mention you’re pretty? i would comment on your musical stylings, but cox…oh cox.

i’m just going to give you the benefit of the doubt, okay

also, E! online is reporting that ashlee simpson is engaged to pete wentz of fall out boy fame. apparently he got her dad’s permission to ask her.


and while you’re at it….kim kardashian? anyone? can anyone really explain this?

and one more thing…flavor of love 3?!? i’m baffled by how there could be one, let alone a sequel. and don’t get me started on tila tequila. oy. the state of our world.

(can i please have lost back? please? please?)

(ooh! ooh! one more! what should i dye my hair? blonder? darker? i just don’t know…it looks pretty good with anything, although i think the darker/redder works better with my skin. all i know is that i have roots and i have gray hair–don’tgetmestartedit’smyclass’sfault, andthediss, andmom’scancer, andi’mOLD!–and it’s time for a change! yaya! so…i’m taking suggestions.)

and on these perplexing notes…i’m back to the Gothic novel.

although i truly think E! and MTV are far more frightening.

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