i’ll be here all week. tip your waitresses.

on dracula:

student: can vampires bleed out?

me: no. i don’t think so.

student: well, you know, i was just wondering if somebody stabbed him in the arm, if he would bleed out.

me: if you ate a lot of soup, and i stabbed you in the arm, would you soup out?

2 Responses to “i’ll be here all week. tip your waitresses.”

  1. Did you know, as we were leaving class today, Cherie leans over to me and goes, “Make sure you don’t soup out on the way home…that would totally suck.”

    To which I said, “It wouldn’t if it were broccoli cheese.”

    And then we went outside and met up with Sandy who thought it would be funny to follow you like the 3 ladies. I put the kibosh on that one. Thanks aren’t necessary.

  2. Okay…I saw the three of you and I was a little nervous because it suddenly felt like an afterschool special where the nerdy girl gets jumped on her way home from school just because she’s not cool enough.

    I’m glad my instincts aren’t at all off. How CREEPY would that have been? Goodness. Many thanks for saving me. And also? If you guys had channeled those three women? I might have had to fail you just for being demon spawn. And that would suck.

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