one HOT saturday night.

yeah. you thought there was going to be some kind of story about mayhem, didn’t you?


this is what i did on saturday night.

(after the luau and talent show. that’s how us [we?] mormons roll.)

behold the domestic goddess in me…

this is based on the best banana bread recipe that i’ve ever gotten, and because i’m a giver, here you go. it might seem weird (sour cream? what?) but it’s really quite good. terrible for the figure but…what are you going to do?

and then, because i had such a huge amount of bananas, i got creative…

i had doubled the recipe, so instead of making another loaf (the first goes to church with me tomorrow), i made muffins for myself and threw some chocolate chips in there. if you don’t think that chocolate and banana is the most amazing combo EVER, you’re crazy.

now i’m watching an old grey’s anatomy rerun on lifetime and eating a couple of said muffins.

that’s one kickin’ saturday night in the life of a cute single girl, folks. i am all about the amazing, eh?

One Response to “one HOT saturday night.”

  1. mmmmmmmmm banana bread.

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