ze fill-in-ze-blank bloggy game.

i want to blog.  i have nothing of substance to say.

so…enter bloggy game.  many thanks to chickbug and ohmygoshi for inspiring me.

  1. maybe i should just commit to reading this novel that i’ve been systematically avoiding all week.  at least then it will be over.
  2. i love the smell of vanilla and coconut.  i apparently need to be on an island. to which i vote YES.
  3. people would say that i’m sassy, funny, smart.  actually, i don’t really know what people say about me.
  4. i don’t understand why people who really should know better flirt with the line between right and wrong.
  5. when i wake up in the morning i flog myself mentally for not waking up earlier.  every day.  i am not a morning person.
  6. i lost my paralyzing fear of the job market and being a real adult on thursday.  still scared, but not petrified.  i’ll take it.
  7. life is full of soul-defining and amazingly beneficial struggle.
  8. my past has made me who i am.  i am grateful for it.
  9. i get annoyed when i see grammatical errors in print.
  10. parties are so much fun to plan!
  11. i wish most days to find what it is that i want most.
  12. dogs are awesome, especially the smaller ones that just sort of curl up next to you because they can’t stand to be too far away.
  13. cats give the best kind of acceptance, because if they’re willing to love you, you can play to any crowd. they’re the toughest.
  14. tomorrow is sunday and that means i rest.  also, i graduate from institute!
  15. i have low tolerance for arrogance of any kind.
  16. i’m totally terrified of being alone for the rest of my life, but most especially when i’m older.
  17. i wonder why i can’t manage to just completely believe in myself all of the time.
  18. never in my life have i gone skiing or done any winter sport. that changes very soon.
  19. high school was an amazing ride, but definitely not the best years of my life.
  20. when i’m nervous i start to dream vividly in the days leading up to it and, in the moment, my mouth goes completely dry.
  21. one time at a family gathering…the answer to this is always going to be that somebody made a stupid joke and we all started cackling like crazy people, because that’s just what we do.
  22. take my advice: go after what you want. even if it doesn’t ultimately work out the way that you had hoped, you’ll never regret doing it. the act itself will change you for the better.
  23. making my bed is now something i do every single day. my mom would be so proud.
  24. i’m almost always worried about something–usually how i should be doing more.
  25. i’m addicted to watching tv. have been since i was little.  i’m better now at multitasking.
  26. i want someone to take me as i am…forever

hey. you. person who reads this.  LOVELY lurkers.  you should do this. i won’t tag you now, but if i have to, i will.  it’s fun. it makes you think.  AND…bonus!…we get to learn more about you.

happy weekend, all.

2 Responses to “ze fill-in-ze-blank bloggy game.”

  1. Is it interweb faux pas to answer this in your comments instead of on my blog? Because it saves us both time this way!!
    1. maybe i should… be studying instead of embarking on filling this list out
    2. i love the smell of… coffee
    3. people would say that i’m … quirky, fun, a deep thinker
    4. i don’t understand why… there are so many boring people in the world.
    5. when i wake up in the morning… I either begin work immediately or laze about for 3 or 4 hours
    6. I lost… my mobile phone this morning but since I hadn’t turned it on yet I couldn’t ring it with the home phone to find it.
    7. life is full of …annoyance when you’re stressed, and joy when you’re not
    8. my past… still haunts
    9. i get annoyed when… I have to do all the work in a conversation
    10. parties… need punch
    11. i wish… is a good song by Stevie Wonder
    12. dogs… are best if they are big and friendly
    13. cats… are best if they are sleek and friendly
    14. tomorrow… is the day before my attempt at a day-long pub crawl

    – – – ok, that’s Installment One – – –

  2. 15. i have low tolerance for… boring people.
    16. i’m totally terrified of… the dentist
    17. i wonder why… more people aren’t bored by Big Brother
    18. never in my life have i… eaten haggis
    19. high school was… boring, especially towards the end
    20. when i’m nervous… my stomach hurts
    21. one time at a family gathering… my sister and I both got into one leg each of a pair of pyjamas that our grandmother had bought us
    22. take my advice… and take zinc tablets if you are getting a cold
    23. making my bed… was today’s triumph, because I washed the sheets too.
    24. i’m almost always…. drinking tea
    25. i’m addicted to… puttanesca
    26. i want someone to… solve all my problems for me!!

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