MY question.

When did making plans, or promises, or anything where it is implied that you are making an agreement to someone to do something or to be somewhere or something become so empty? so easy to break and so easy to frivolously make?

I can’t tell you how sick to death I am of people not showing up, metaphorically or literally.

5 Responses to “MY question.”

  1. hmm… not sure i know exactly what you mean here. you feel like agreeing to these things makes you feel… empty? not as fulfilled?

    sorry, i am just wicked dense today!

  2. yeah…sorry it was unclear. i was mad.

    i tried to clarify. i hope it makes more sense now. thanks for calling me out on that. 🙂

  3. I hear you completely. Being flakey is now an epidemic.

  4. I ask myself this all the time. It blows my mind how some people make promises to be there, and then just don’t show up.

    ps. i LOVE the A.A. Milne quote you have there!

  5. I wonder how much it might have to do with mobile phones: I think the immediate yet faceless nature of a text message means people are more likely to cancel, or say they’ll be really late.

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