you ask…i answer…because i, folks, am a giver.

the time has come.

you may drumroll with your fists on a desk, if you’d like, or just imagine the fanfare if you’re in a place where such behavior would get you arrested (or at least looked at askance).

it’s question time.

i’m excited. thanks for playing. i also asked my students to do this on the same day that i asked you, so i will include a few of their gems because…well…i can. plus, i think they are funny/illuminating/distracting me from the things that i don’t want to do.

so there.

here we go…

from chickbug: if you could have readers read one post you have written, what would it be?

this is a really hard question.

(good job, chickbug. make me think on a friday. goodness.)

we all would like to think that everything we write completely encapsulates our true nature and is brilliant. i think neither of these things. some of what i write is total crap. i try not to publish total crap anymore, but it happens sometimes.

i think, though, i would have to divide this into two. (i know…i’m a cheating rule-bender.)

to get a sense of my writing voice, you need to read this. it really is very much how i am–and it talks about what i worry about most related to my writing, so it’s a self-reflexive doozy.

to get a sense of my heart, you should probably read this.

there’s a lot that isn’t said there, but i think a lot of it you can read through the lines.

from ohmygoshi: What’s your favorite kitchen utensil, and why?

this is perhaps the most unique question ever. i am going to say a pizza cutter for two reasons: not everybody has them (thus it makes me feel like even more of a domestic goddess) and it means i make my own pizza sometimes. that’s just cool.

from brookem: what’s your favorite outfit to wear? what’s your greatest accomplishment? what do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad day? secret celeb crush (male and female, please!)?

so NOT one question. but very good ones nonetheless.

my favorite outfit to wear is this white collared shirt with a black bow, some jeans, and my black ballet flats. it makes me feel cute. i look best, though, in this dress black and white pattered dress i found at target and bought because when i put it on i was like WOW. and i never say that about myself, really. so when a dress does that, hello! i wear it with this black jacket that i have and i am gorgeous.

my greatest accomplishment? i haven’t done it yet. it will be this phd. but up until now? probably successfully passing my exams for the phd. i had been working so hard and had been so stressed out that to be able to go in there and do it not only successfully but to actually ENJOY the process was amazing.

cheer myself up? i have been utterly terrible at this lately, but unfortunately it’s usually shop. i try now to just shop for things i actually need, but toss in something small. actually, also, if i try to do something productive, that helps. but sometimes all i do is call my mom and cry and then go to bed and try again the next day. i’m pretty not good at this, actually.

celebrity crush? male: i don’t even know…there are so many. i will say that the one that is most like someone who i would fall for in real life is john krasinski. he’s so cute and awkward and sassy. but david boreanaz is still beautiful and gorgeous. female: well, i don’t really think i have a female crush, but i think that mandy moore is gorgeous and would completely understand why a guy would find her attractive. angelina jolie (who every other girl seems to have a girl crush on)? not so much. she just scares me.

from LindzML: (basically) why’d you move to FL to get your phd?

easiest. question. ever.

they let me into the program.

enough said.

i’ll post the questions from students later.  a few of them are funny…and illuminating.  but i want to post this and get back to distracting myself with dvds grading.

happy weekend!

5 Responses to “you ask…i answer…because i, folks, am a giver.”

  1. I also shop to make myself feel better, and it’s a problem. Specially I’m still a student and oh, approximately, umm . . . totally BROKE. Which just makes me feel worse cause I can’t shop to begin with and then when I’m feeling extra bad, what do I do to make myself feel better? GODDAMMIT. It sucks.

    Therefore, I drink. C’est la vie.

  2. I think I’m more excited about the classmate comments. Were they as good as my questions? Because mine were pretty awesome. And feel free to distract yourself. I haven’t gotten anything finished that I wanted to, and it’s killing me. Hope they won’t take TOO much longer, and enjoy yourself some Buffy until then. 🙂

  3. ha, i cannot ask only one question COME ON!

    i shop too… retail therapy is my downfall. your outfits sound wicked cute. love that you linked to those other posts too.

  4. Blog hopped my way to your blog. 🙂

    I have a pizza cutter as well AND I’m working on a PhD. Although, mine is in Chemistry. But hey, that’s ok, I enjoy reading blogs of people suffering through, er I mean, working through PhD programs. I’ll certainly check back!

  5. Pizza cutters are awesome! I own one myself. I have to say, I really enjoy your comments on my blog. I look forward to them 🙂 good luck with all your grading!!

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