went to the beach today.

hilarity ensued.

and burning.  stupid burning.

behold my stupidity:

you’re going to think…no, those most be shadows.  what IS that on her feet and why does it start so abruptly at her ankles?

that’s sunburn, kids, and the reason is because i put the SPF 30 on (well…not well enough on the back of my legs…did i mention OW?) but apparently thought the white whiteness of the tops of my feet were immune.

because clearly my brain has shut off entirely.


pardon me while i stop blogging and flip over onto my stomach (way hard to blog that way, i would imagine).  any sunburn remedies?  i’ve tried the vinegar (i smell like a salad), took a hot shower (not very bad at all, actually), and am putting aloe on it.  but really?

owwws.  and worse? it’s all my own stupid fault.

but it was SO much fun.  i love florida.

5 Responses to “owwws.”

  1. Ouch sweetie! Wicked ouch. A hot shower?! Holy hell, when was that ever deemed a good idea!? I have heard of oatmeal… a bath with oatmeal. And keep up with the aloe, that’s for sure!

  2. When I was little my mom used to put Noxzema skin cream on our sun burns. No idea why, but it really helped.

    Feel better!

  3. GAH. I hate sunburns. Good luck wearing socks!

  4. ouch! slather on that aloe!

  5. Oof. That sucks. As a Norwegian girl in Florida with skin that soaks up the sun and spits PURE FIRE back out? Put the aloe in the fridge. There’s also this spray stuff you can put on it (you get it at CVS or…anywhere) that feels like ice. It’s fantastic. Which beach did you go to?

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