it’s really the simple things, you know…

the stress of grading is over.

in fact, grades came out last night and knowing my students, they all checked immediately. i would imagine that many of them were pleased, but i haven’t heard from anybody yelling (yet…why did i say that? WHY?) so that’s a good sign. i thought they were all pretty much what i expected or above.

the impetus to clean and organize has not yet hit. i just can’t make myself do it. i just can’t. i sit here, thinking about how i should, and manage to ignore it and think “i have a week! a WEEK before real life starts! i don’t have to do that now…” we’ll ignore the part where i should be working on my dissertation? kthanks.

regardless of my intentions, i am on vacation. and these are the things that have brought me some silly joy over the past few days:

i happened upon this blog (which i really like! yay for new blogs!) and right there was a clip from adventures in babysitting, and my soul clapped a little in merriment. so, for your amusement, a clip that pays homage to one of my favorite movies with a song that makes me laugh a little…

i’ve spent much of the past few days reading these:

and now i’m reading this:

i just realized, after i posted, that these are all about summer.  it makes a sort of sense now. and yeah, i guess i should be reading grownup things, but grownup things are for grownups and i’m not grownup this week.  i’m an adolescent again…who sleeps in too late and eats dinner food for breakfast and breakfast food for dinner and who thinks about how she should probably look fairly decent for the pizza man if he comes a-calling.

i’m pretty much in love with this stuff, which is keeping me sane and not screaming. (my back? burned REALLY bad in some spots. i swear. the irony that i live in florida and can’t survive the sun is not lost on me at all.):

and, the unfortunate element, is these, which are in my freezer:

as i’m blogging, i’m watching this and they’re on a trip to gville…and they’re going to places that are like DOWN THE STREET from my house and i laugh and it fills my soul with silly joy, because it’s like i’m famous by proxy.


it’s one nonstop party around here. if i take a shower today, i’ll call it a success.

you think i’m kidding. that’s cute.

what silly things bring your soul joy?

4 Responses to “it’s really the simple things, you know…”

  1. Haha, so I’m sitting in my house, reading this going, “wooooow. I thought I was the only one” while chowing down on my Spaghetti-O’s and Milky Way fun-size bars wondering if it’s worth it to shower since it means I have to do something with my hair afterwards. I am right there with you.

  2. Clue, in a word, is awesome. I also have a soft spot for the YA romance-type stuff, especially the Princess Diaries books.
    I’m also a fan of when my guilty pleasure music plays on my iPod.

  3. I watch tv and enjoy it GUILT FREE because I have nothing else to do. I love board games, too. Whether it be family night, or playing with friends. board games are awesome.

  4. So, I think I have forgotten to tell you I discovered your blog!!!! And I have one too, not as cool as yours though. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy reading your stuff. It makes me feel wonderful.

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