i want…

…some cute new shoes for school/teaching that won’t tear up my feet but will make me look stylish and won’t break the bank.  why does spring/early summer equal new shoes? any ideas?

…some really nice black bermuda shorts that fit my butt perfectly (instead of what usually happens, which is that it fits my hips and then is huge in the waist because i am, in fact, a curvy american woman whose waist is a size and a half smaller than her hips).  also, it wouldn’t suck if they were affordable.  and if they came in navy blue too. i’m going to try target and then maybe the mall.  i wish we had a kohl’s here, because i’ve always had great luck there.  next week might commence the great shorts hunt 2008.

…some cute shirts on SALE that highlight my assets.  are you seeing a trend here?

…to not turn on one life to life on a random friday afternoon and see, simultaneously, snoop dogg performing (hello…what?!? what’s the demographic here? are we really trying to sell snoop to the 45 year old white woman audience?) and a crawling text bar along the bottom describing the lockdown of two schools because of police action in the northeastern section of my city.  i don’t like that.

…my mom to not have to do radiation, but if she does, i want it to be easy.  and if it can’t be easy, i want the not easy part to come when i’m home and can be her beck and call girl.  and if that can’t happen, then i want someone else to be there for her.

…different candidates to vote for.  i don’t want to get all political here, but i’m not happy.  i feel like november will be me standing in a voting booth somewhere going “really? really? these are my choices?” and having a wrenching sense of frustration that i have to choose either one.  because i WILL exercise my vote.  too many people fought too hard for me not to, but…i’m not really happy about how it’s all shaping up.

…my hair to look great for the wedding that i’m going to tomorrow. actually, i just want all of me to look great.  but since it’s going to be 90+ degrees and i have to drive an hour and a half, i am just not sure about that one. also, i’m sincerely wondering if i can forget how to be cute after a week of slumping around the house like a crazy.

…the cleaning and organizing of my room to happen without me.  but it won’t.  and the inspirational gorgeousness of law school girl’s room has inspired me to go forth and clean….

what do you want?


3 Responses to “i want…”

  1. im sorry to hear about your mom having to possibly go through treatment. hang in there dearest. get yourself some new clothes and here’s hoping you have a fabulous hair day tomorrow!


  2. You know what? Check Ye Olde Navy for some killer black bermudas (it’s where I got an AMAZING pair last year that work quite well (and I have hips that are bigger than my waist, as well). Shirts: try Target (woot), but Old Navy and American Eagle have had some cute, inexpensive shirts, as well.

    As for candidates? I obviously just should have run, because I’m pretty sure that I only ever agree with myself on 100% of the issues. I’m pretty much a shoe-in.

  3. you know what i want? i want to know what i want to be when i grow up. i’m somehow going to save the world, i know it. 🙂

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