these? i roll with them.

i was wondering what i was going to say today.

see, all i have to say has been funneled into what i initially thought was a crappy but now think is rather astute (perhaps bordering on brilliant, if i abandon our socially ingrained inability to SQUEEE! on our own behalf) essay on mary shelley’s frankenstein and percy shelley’s alastor. sending it off as a submission for the edited collection i wrote it for was an act of serious faith. i’ll worry, i’ll fret, i’ll try to let it go and move on, i’ll think about how i still haven’t heard about it or the fellowship or anything else for that matter and i’ll remind myself that there’s a reason why the Lord needs to teach me patience.

and then i’ll take a deep breath and go do something else…

…like read blogs.

because as i was trying to think about what to put on my own blog today, and started clicking through my blogroll as i do daily, i started realizing that i pretty much love all of you who write the blogs that have become so much a part of my everyday.

so…welcome to the celebration of a few of you, my bloggy friends, who have impressed me of late with who you are and how readily you share it.

do you know tortious? if you know tortious, you know courage. see, when i was thinking about this initially, i was going to ask you if you’d heard from her lately, because up here in “i worry about everyone and everything because i am me”ville, i was worried/sending her direct messages on twitter/checking her blog incessantly to see if she was back. then i checked. and she was. and she’s amazing. when we really face ourselves, our demons, look them square in the face and say “you know what? i’m scared, but i’m ready. so bring it.” we win. and tortious, you win.

do you know my roommate? if you do, you know someone with the biggest heart ever, with a love that’s quiet and not known to many, but that overwhelms you with its depth. read this and tell me it’s not true. she is becoming the kind of friend that knows you inside out, still likes you, and still makes you watch next and seinfeld because she knows it will make you laugh and what you really need sometimes is to not take yourself so darn seriously. i’ll not tell this to her face, because that’s not how we roll (awwwkward…), but i love her.

do you know law school girl? if you do, you know sass and generosity in equal and hilarious measures. i sing her praises often, because she has been a rock of my sanity over the past few months. she knows how amazing i think her, but did you know that she introduced me to sister hazel (and if you go to her blog, you get to have your very own concert courtesy of her media player?)? she has a supernaturally large affection for them. did you know that she’s obsessed with shoes? i mean seriously. did you know that she offered to buy me a plane ticket so that i could go to see my mom after she had surgery, so that i wouldn’t have to drive? did you know that i love her? did you know that anyone who knows her is lucky to be so blessed? i didn’t think so. she doesn’t blog much i think because she thinks she doesn’t have anything to say–crazy! jump on it! what are you, IN LAW SCHOOL OR SOMETHING? everything you say is amazing!–but she is a treasured friend and i love her to pieces.

do you know ohmygoshi? i didn’t until very recently, but if you do…you know sincerity and thoughtfulness. it radiates from her blog, this sense that she thinks and feels deeply about everything and that nothing goes unnoticed. she’s an old soul, that one, and i am glad to know her.

do you know LindzML? if you do, you know confidence. i don’t think i’ve ever met anyone who seems so completely at home in being who they are. and i know her in real life–and she’s got style, panache, and sass enough to take over any room but the wisdom and respect to know when it’s appropriate and when it’s not. i admire that very much. plus, she’s hecka funny. couldn’t have gotten through the semester without her, half of which she didn’t know i was reading her blog. hahahahaha. good times.

do you know chickbug and darling brookem? if you do, then you have answered the clarion call of coolness. they’re probably going to collectively kill me for this analogy, but i have to go with it. remember when you were in elementary school, and there were those older girls in a grade or two above you who were just SO.COOL? they knew the lyrics to all of the good songs that your mom wouldn’t let you listen to yet, they had those really cool Teen Beat magazines and they wore the most amazing clothes ever. they just had this…aura…of impenetrable coolness and you just completely wanted to be them. chickbug and brookem are like them…in the coolness alone (you’re not old, girls! i promise! that’s not the point!) because these are two of the most generous bloggy girls out there. they both have WAY more readers and fans than i do, and yet they come and are so generous to leave comments and be kind and just make me feel like i matter. they are just super cool in the best way possible–and they still ogle over cute boys and wear awesome clothes. and basically, i want to jump up and down and be like HEY! THEY’RE MY BLOGGY FRIENDS! AND THAT MAKES ME AMAZING BY EXTENSION! and if we hung out, i know we would be irl friends. and i think that’s amazing. and they both post pictures of food (steak tips and sandwiches anyone?) and it makes me heart them even more.

i haven’t even scratched the surface, and that makes me a little sad, so i’ll encourage you to pay it forward. who are the bloggers that you love, that you read every day, that you think exhibit the qualities that you’d like to have or that just make your days better?

thanks to all of you, especially those of you in my blogroll, who make my day a little bit brighter. i feel like i’ve found kindred spirits in many of you–and you anne of green gables fans know those are powerful words.


11 Responses to “these? i roll with them.”

  1. Thanks for the love…that’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me, it means a lot. I’m excited to check out some of the others!!

  2. My favorite right now is: – she makes me laugh, cry and realize how riduculous life can be.

    Oh! and I just found tortious a few weeks ago (probably from your blogroll) and I can’t stop reading.

    I’m going to check out the others.

    Praying for your essays.

  3. thanks for the sweet sweet words, they made my day.

  4. this was such a sweet post! thanks for stopping by and for your insightful comments. it’s some real food for thought.

    distracted spunk, princess pointful, airam are all pretty great!

  5. brookem Says:

    how sweet are you lady?! wow, im completely floored with what you said! your blog is one of my new favorites. you write with eloquence and heart, and im really enjoying getting to know you through your writing.

    thank you again!

  6. I love most of these blogs. The others I’ll have to check out! Also, love your blog 🙂

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I hadn’t read your blog for a bit and was like, ohhhhhhhh yeah, right, people, living, and doing things, and writing about them. And I stroll over and find A SUGGESTION TO VISIT MY PAGE and I’m like man. I should write something, so I don’t seem boring. And lame for not writing that often. Even though I am because I don’t.

    Um. I’m tired. But whatever.



  8. i miss you. you are spectacular.

  9. ummm…so seriously. remember when you are in HS and you don’t feel cool at all? in fact, you think that maybe everyone just pretends to be nice to you but they really don’t care THAT much. and you spend most of your day trying to convince yourself you really are ok and people really do like you. so, that is what sometimes i feel like in the blog world. because you know, i have blog self esteem issues….until i read amazingly nice comments like this. and it reminds me to just keep “being myself” because that is all that counts. =) you are the best! and i LOVE the blog. xo

  10. Aww. You are so sweet. Having folks like you to share it with makes it all a lot easier. Thank you.

  11. Wow what a cool post. 🙂

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