my five favorite numbers.


did you catch the part where it says that all of the original cast are expected to guest star?

oh sweet mercy, i’m so excited i did a little seated jig.

because i’m not getting up to dance until the thing debuts.  oh, it’ll probably be complete trash.  i probably will watch the first one and be disgusted.  but look!  there are BLACK PEOPLE on 90210! and rob estes is the dad.


that’s how you know when your time has come and gone…when you have fond feelings for the DAD on the show.


to tide us all over…

too bad the main character is played by that stupid twit from degrassi the next generation. gosh, i hate her.

oh well.

that english teacher ain’t bad.

4 Responses to “my five favorite numbers.”

  1. and aunt becky is in it from full house!

  2. duuuuuuuuuuuuuude….i’m pretty stoked. I remember watching David and Donna FINALLY get married, and being sad because I knew it was the end of an era! Aunt Becky is a major plus as well. I wonder if Brenda will make an appearance. it’s not like shannen doherty is up to much these days…

  3. I think I might watch this version. I never watched the original (because apparently I lived in a cave?), but I’m ready (and prepared!) for it the second time around.

  4. I wasn’t really old enough for the original, so this doesn’t affect me like it seems to be affecting everyone else, lol. I’ve heard that Jennie Garth is supposed to be a regular as her old character who is now a guidance counselor at BHH, but really, I just want that English teacher. YUM.

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