first things first.

celebration shopping had a safari theme when it commenced on our rather humid saturday afternoon. i bought these:

and a fairly fabulous giraffe print shirt on sale at old navy for $7. i’m still looking for shorts. i will not regale you with the frustrations of clothing my big hips, but suffice it to say: i battled the memorial day mobs to comb through sale racks and found a big whopping nothing.  i tried on a fairly cute party dress that was just a tiny bit too small (too bad, too, because i have a bridal shower/bachelorette party to go to on friday night that i have to dress up for), and i found a cute shirt for $10, but no shorts/capris that weren’t a million dollars. i just can’t buy something for $40, even if it is buy one get one free. i can’t do it.

so…i bide my time. patience continues to be the theme, i suppose.

i had a blind-ish date on saturday. i met him for lunch at olive garden. we met through a mutual friend and he’s significantly older (read: eight years) than me.

super nice guy, but not a spark to be found. it’s totally fine with me. i sort of knew that was going to happen. but it’s one of those experiences in life that make you braver. i’ve never really done that before, the whole blind date thing, so…yay me.

irony of this?

THE.CUTEST.WAITER.EVER. was our server. and we were talking about books and it turns out that waiter boy is an english major.


and, out of respect, i didn’t even get my flirt on. and i was SOOOO ready to. i could have worked it because i was SO cute.


cakeapalooza over here at casa de me. we had the missionaries over for dinner twice this weekend (we’d been sadly slacking, and there are three of us, so when we sign up…it tends to be pretty frequent). my roommate made pineapple upside down cake for friday dinner. then i made a chocolate cake for my pal’s b-day party that night. i made funfetti cupcakes last night and we ate the rest of them tonight for dessert again.

now, i’m a fan of cake, as you lovely readers well know. but i think i might be caked out.

could that even be TRUE? what the heck.

nope.  still could eat cake.

i watched the end of “the wedding date” on TNT this weekend, and the dad said this: “every woman has the love life she wants.”

could this even be true? i throw this out there because i really wonder. i might believe it.  at least a little bit.  what do you think?

5 Responses to “vignettes.”

  1. If not cake, try Publix cookies. They’re just as good as cake and you don’t eat quite as much of them. LOVE!

  2. I don’t want to believe i WANT to be single….but i do love my independence and perhaps my guarded feeling, my lack of ‘trust’ so to speak comes off me in some the vibes i shoot out. i’d like to think it just means that i’m not ready to be in any sort of seriously relationship rather than i’m meant to be single (but fabulous) hahaha.

  3. fabulous shoes. I did some shoe shopping this weekend too and scored some cute brown guess sandals from DSW.

    In regards to your question, i’m torn on how to answer. Like libby, i like to think that i don’t want to be single, but i do like my independence. that being said, i also like having that someone to cuddle and be goofy with. being single is fun, going out and flirting and flashing a smile at the cute guy in the bookstore, but in those quiet moments when everyone else is paired off, it can get lonely.

  4. cute shoes!!

    i think it’s great you went out on the blind date and gave it a go. maybe go back with a girlfriend another time to scope out said-hot-waiter? hmm. im interested in this prospect.

    i think there is some truth to that statement about women having the love lives they want. im too foggy from the long weekend to elaborate more on this, but i am going to think about it some.

  5. You can never be C.A.K.E.d out!!!!!!!!!!! Never! Now, I grant you that it can be quite difficult to acquire said C.A.K.E., but once you do have it, you can never have too much! 😉
    And I have pondered the “every girl has the love life she wants” even before I read that. I have thought that maybe I don’t let myself have a love life because I am scared. It is possible. It is possible. I know I want it, I really do. But I wonder if I unconsciously make it not so because of fear…

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