sign 483 that i’m procrastinating.

updates. i got ’em for ya.

look what i bought yesterday!

so…these are from bluefly and they cost $248.00.  i did not buy those shoes.  the shoes i bought…at walmart…were $15.  and i actually think they’re cuter than these. you may scoff at that if you must, but they are super cute and look good with jeans!  i hope that they’ll look good with my red party dress too! instead of a buckle in the back they have a cute little bow.  they’re a little bit higher than this, and i think have less of a platform.  but i’m at work and they are at home so…that’ll have to do.

i think that will end my shoe buying for a while.  aren’t you proud? zebra print AND red gingham.

also…update on blindish date guy. he got my email, replied and seemed okay with everything, and then unfriended me on facebook.


your thoughts? any?

5 Responses to “sign 483 that i’m procrastinating.”

  1. What the hell is a gingham?

    I think you need a boy post now, about beer and football?

  2. um. I don’t even know what you’re talking about in the past like fifty posts I’m so behind. I don’t understand how you have so much time to write and I have so very little time to read it. I’m not backreading. I feel like I have to say something to every backread entry and then I get confused at present life.

    um. start over reading staaaaaaarting now.

  3. also, what is this weird icon thing next to my name? it disturbs me greatly.

  4. imfb–beer, no good. football, for sure. stick around a while. there will be less gingham and more orange and blue.

    saf–i write fast. i edit rarely. i procrastinate mucho. you do other things because you are not addicted to your blog the way i am. it’s not a good or a bad thing. just is. and read whatever you want. i will happily answer any questions you may have in a venue not public. 🙂

    also, that creepy quilt thing? i dunno. it’s doing that to everybody. i think they’re pretty horrible too.

  5. i love the shoes! anything with red, i will swoon over, for sure.

    he un-friended you on facebook? is he 15? whatever… you werent feeling it anyway, you deserve better.

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