one paragraph at a time.

i am so frustrated i could spit.

as many good intentions as i have, as much as i try to prepare, as ready as i think that i am to finish that chapter, i can’t manage to do it with any kind of speed or enthusiasm. it’s like slogging through mud and i hate it.  i’m falling further and further behind and the allure of bachelorette marathons and gilmore girls seems to be pulling me away with some sort of supernatural force.

i am tired of it.  i want it to be easy.  or, if not easy, at least easier.

i don’t know why i would expect that for the dissertation when it’s nowhere near how life is.

i just keep thinking, one paragraph at a time.  so far that’s gotten me to page nine.

that’s got to count for something, right?

i’ll be glad when this week is over. and if i can manage to get to page thirtyplus in that time, all the better.  then i can read beach books without guilt when i’m actually at the beach on saturday.

come on friday.  don’t be shy.  show your cute face.

what’s forcing you to keep stepping this week?


2 Responses to “one paragraph at a time.”

  1. We have this saying in Japanese, “Ganbatte” (or Gambatte, depending on how you feel like spelling it). It’s pronounced gahn baht tay. It means hang in there, hold on, persevere, do your best, you can do it.

    So with that, I say to you “GANBATTE!”


  2. Friday is taking its sweet time because it knows that I have to go back to the barren wasteland that is No Internet on Friday. Which sucks. I might be able to push it back another day, but I’m keeping it at arm’s length for as long as possible. Sorry. My bad.

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