leapfrog. play with me.

you know how this works.

1. elliptical: ? :: treadmill: walking.

YAY! practice for the GRE! but, in case that’s not clear or wrong, i’m basically asking what activity you’re doing while on the elliptical. is it no-impact running/jogging? that’s all i can think of, but i’m wondering if it’s going to get me to my goal of running any quicker or if it’s training my muscles to do something else entirely. like…i don’t know…the cha cha?

2. speaking of…so you think you can dance. anybody see it last night? it’s on again tonight and i’m pretty darn excited. i only caught the last 45 minutes last night, but if you saw it you’re probably going to follow me. and is it possible that what i saw last night was a repeat of last week’s? i dunno.

okay. so crazy knee-locking-up girl who lost weight. listen. if you’ve read here at all in the past two weeks, you know that i am down with people being successful at making healthier life choices. i am even not (completely) averse to talking about it. but when you get militant on t.v. about how you were at the gym every day and start acting like that somehow makes you a better person/you are preaching?

i look at the t.v. and say “SHUT UP.” repeatedly. nobody needs a know-it-all. and…yeah.

also, minister guy? i LIKED him.

but some of those people? where do they get their outfits? someone needs to be their friend and tell them to not do that in public.

3. speaking of…on my (relatively) short walk over to my job from where i park, i cut in front of two guys, one of whom was on the phone. he was talking to someone about something (hey, i am nothing if not observant) and then he told the person on the phone “okay, i’ll give you a call later so that we can go tan.”

a GUY.

a GUY said this.

a GUY in a polo shirt said this.

i don’t understand.

but it makes me feel at once happy and sad for our world. vanity is not only a female condition! whoo! one more stereotype struck down. sing out, sister suffragette!

4. speaking of (voting)…obama. your thoughts? hillary. your thoughts?

i just want the whole election to be over with, because i just don’t like anybody. it’s like choosing between getting a really swift kick in the butt or a really hard punch in the gut. either way, it’s going to hurt and you’re going to see stars.

and, no, i am not immune to the fact that obama is the first african-american nominee for the presidency, and, yes, in theory i am quite pleased with a world in which such things could happen. nevertheless…gut or butt? because that’s what i’m thinking.

5. speaking of…anyone know any good crunches? i’ve been doing, you know, the regular kind and some kind of lame reverse crunch where my legs are straight in the air and i bring them down to horizontal (or, let’s be real, to like a 45 degree angle because I! HAVE! NO! AB! STRENGTH!), but those HURT and at some point last week my body stopped letting me do them. i’m not feeling my ab muscles much, so i’m wondering if not being sore is a bad thing. should i be in immeasurable amounts of pain, considering i’ve been doing them for like two weeks now just about every day? i have been drinking water like a crazy nut job, and i remember from my time watching the biggest loser (who says reality t.v. can’t enhance your life?!?) that when you drink enough water, you flush all the lactic acid out of your system so that you don’t get sore.

is this a lie? someone? anyone? everyone?

6. speaking of (water)…guess where i’ll be on saturday? the beach.

you know you’re jealous.

7. speaking of…guess what i discovered? for less than $4, you too can have beach wavy hair. it’s all due to a little product i like to call “heaven in a bottle” but is actually called “waves of envy” by sunsilk. remember how i wanted to see if i could do something with this natural curl i have in my hair, instead of fighting with it all of the time in the summertime humidity?

this product has singlehandedly made my summer. i am the lazy hair queen! i spray it in, scrunch it a little bit, and have wavy hair during the day. does it look perfect? no, but then again, i don’t do ANYTHING to it, so it’s gotta be a whole lot healthier than blowdrying it every day. i think i might be a little bit in love.

and it smells like grapefruit.

yes, please.

8. speaking of…you know what IS so good? blueberry bagels. with peanut butter. i know it sounds gross. but it’s like bliss. bliss on a stick. and i love it. yumz.

here’s what’s not so good. 40 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes of walking, drink 30 ounces of water…on an empty stomach. then take a shower and try to go to work…still on an empty stomach.

my body no likey me.

9. speaking of…YOU likey me! leave me a comment. tell me anything. DELURK! you gotta. it’s leapfrog! it’s gotta leap somewhere. so…what’d these things make YOU think about?

9 Responses to “leapfrog. play with me.”

  1. crunches: I’ve heard if you do them on a ball it is better . . . also, you should just do an internet search for an ab workout. I did that once and came up with a lot of stuff. And don’t talk about SYTYCD! I have it all tivo’d for when I get back! I don’t want to know!! haha.

  2. you’ve convinced me to try waves of envy.

  3. Oooh, I need a new gel/mousse/spray for my hair. I’m guessing I’ll be using WoE. As for abs: I bought that big pilates ball about a month ago and it is AMAZING. I have a six pack. I’m not even kidding. I do a couple different ab options, some push-ups, then I hold it above my head while I do lunges. It works you OUT, son. I’m doing 2 miles around camp plus that every morning and it’s awesome.

  4. I think I am gonna try that waves of envy.

  5. id like to try out that hair stuff- sounds good!

    the eliptical will at least help to strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves… which, will make running easier for you. as for abs- pilates is really good for your core, so if you’re up for it, id try to take a class or get one of those dvds.

    and i dont think it’s a lie about the lactic acid/the water. water is good for flushing the system of any bad things, so id stick with it!

    have a good weekend!

  6. hmm…i’m always on the lookout for hair products to make it wavy. I must check out this heaven in a bottle that you speak of.

    here’s an ab workout for you. on your back, lift your legs straight in the air and try to imagine connecting your bellybutton to your spine. Then try to lift up with your feet, pretend your smushing (sp??) a pancake on the ceiling. It’s verrry little movement, but it should work out your lower abs.

  7. Obama is against the space program, therefore I am against Obama. But you know me…

  8. I could use a day at the beach like no other.
    Also, I’m definitely picking up some of that Sunsilk stuff next time I’m at the store.

  9. So it looks like everyone likes the hair stuff. I liked your ENTIRE post! Not just hair part. But, then I do have straight hair, so I guess I just don’t comprehend the joy of your discovery. I just love reading your blog. 🙂 Thanks for being splendid. I don’t do the gym. Too boring for me. I just hike and play frisbee. That’s me.

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